In the airline industry


Traveling is one of the worst things to do, concerning your health. It is generally recognized that the most unhealthy places in, for example, an aircraft are the screen and the table in front of you, the armrests and everything in the lavatory visited by a couple of hundred people you don’t know. Our customers use our wipe for clearing there travel space. Not only in airplanes, but also in buses, trains, taxis and other public transportation. Don’t you feel dirty after traveling? When using Coolhands, you arrive clean and healthy.
Also for people that work in the traveling industry Coolhands is the perfect wipe. Because the Coolhands wipes don’t contain alcohol they don’t dry out your hands. Your hands keep soft and smooth. So there is no reason anymore not to clean your hands as often as you would like. We provide the ultimate wipe.
Wouldn’t you feel great to be able to rinse the most important parts of your hotel room. What about your remote control of the TV on your room, the writing desk, the light switches and the bathroom. We like them clean and prefer to use our wipes. It comforts you and keeps you clean. Never leave home without Coolhands.

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