Lots of restaurants and catering company serve finger food, poultry or fish which may be eaten with your hands. However, just a few of them take proper care of your cleanliness. Worst case they provide you with a bowl of water, with a slice of lemon. When you are lucky you’ll get some kind of moist small paper wipe. When you are really lucky you’ll get a cotton wipe, usually with an awful smell of citrus and a lot of alcohol. Worst thing is, it tears apart when you use it. And above all, when you use the latter ones, you’ll smell them constantly with your next bites. Too bad for the expensive food you need to pay for.

When we developed the ultimate Coolhands bamboo wipe, we had this in mind. You want to be able to thoroughly rinse your fingers, get rit of the rinse and marinade and make your hands smell nice. Smoothly, delicate and not to much. And for the second, third and forth time you still want to be able to use the single wipe you got. Surely you didn’t get more than one. It has to be strong, big and nice. We think we have developed this ultimate wipe. Ask for your Coolhands wipe the next time you enter a restaurant or when you enjoy your next catered party.