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There seems to be something like a money laundry. As if money is dirty. Well, we all know it is. Money is extremely dirty and therefor money and also chips in the gambling industry need special attention when concerning bacteria and viruses. If you visit a casino you come there for pleasure, not to become ill. Taking care of yourself is an absolute must. Having portable wipes for cleaning your hands, tables and slot machines would be a perfect solution. We think that our wipes can protect you against terrible diseases and leave you with a fresh and healthy feeling.
The natural disinfectant we are using, Path-Away, is the cutting edge in technological breakthrough in disinfection of surface as well as hand contamination. We don’t use alcohol to disinfect. Your hands stay soft and clean. Coolhands is non-toxic, biodegradable and has a wide range of efficacy against fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses. The ultimate wipe when visiting casino’s and other gambling locations.

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