Are you our next distributor?

Do you want to become our next distributor?
Are you interested in becoming distributor in an area where we don’t have a distributor yet? Please fill in our application form at the bottom of this page and submit it.

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“Coolhands is a manufacturer and is always looking for various distributors all over the world. If you are interested, please contact us and reveil your plans or fill in the distributor form. We will always have a serious look at your serious plans and give you our special distributor and export prices.”

André van Remmerden – Director Marketing & Sales

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, United Kingdom and Ireland

“In July 2016 we started a strategic partnership with Pacombi Group B.V. because they have an excellent position in both the BeNeLux and United Kingdom / Ireland market. Pacombi includes Depa Disposables BV, Paardekooper BV and Van der Windt BV. We are very happy with this cooperation and expect even better service for our customers and better availability of the Coolhands products.”

André van Remmerden   •   Managing partner


“2018 was the year in which we started to discuss delivery to customers of Daranor AS. Currently we are investigating the options and possibilities in Norway. We foresee a beautiful relationship and lots of potential customers. Michael is adopting our products and does a great job promoting them.”

André van Remmerden   •   Managing partner

South America

“Because my roots are situated in Curacao, I’m more than interested in doing business with this area of the world. We met Gwido in 2015 and he immediately started to do business on Curacao. I’m convinced Gwido will be able to position Coolhands in the South American market.”

André van Remmerden   •   Managing partner



If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. We’re happy to discuss all possibilities of becoming a distributor with you.

We look forward to explore the possibilities of your business.