For what purposes can the Coolhands wipes be used?2016-10-28T12:05:45+02:00

You can use the bamboo wipes for cleaning your hands, face, body, surfaces etc. It is a multi-purpose wipe with endless possibilities.

Where can I buy the Coolhands wipes?2016-10-28T12:05:59+02:00

Coolhands has lots of distributors in various countries. If you can’t find it in your country, just send us an email to info@coolhands.com. We will give an answer very quickly.

Can the premium bamboo wipes be heated in the microwave?2016-10-28T12:06:17+02:00

The premium bamboo wipes can be heated in the microwave. A maximum of 10 seconds at 600 – 800 Watt will do. The wipes must be placed in the microwave including the package. Warning: do not overheat!

Is it harmful to use Coolhands wipes multiple times daily?2016-10-28T12:06:24+02:00

No, Coolhands wipes can be used as often as required.

Does Coolhands have an odor or leave a residue?2016-10-28T12:06:31+02:00

Coolhands leaves no residue and contains a light odor from natural fragrance. It is completely allergen free. When cleaning glass, please dry with a cloth.

Are Coolhands bamboo wipes alcohol free?2016-10-28T12:06:47+02:00

Yes, Coolhands wipes don’t contain alcohol and are not irritating to the skin, unlike many other wipes and disinfectants.

Are Coolhands bamboo wipes poisonous?2016-10-28T12:07:02+02:00

The Coolhands bamboo wipes are not poisonous. It is also not dangerous if it comes into contact with the mouth or eyes.

How large are the Coolhands bamboo wipes?2016-10-28T12:07:08+02:00

The Coolhands bamboo wipes are pretty large compared to its competitors.

The single rolled wipes are 20 x 28 cm.

The single folded wipes are 20 x 23 cm.

The travel pack contains 6 folded wipes of 20 x 23 cm.

Will this product give allergenic reactions?2016-10-28T12:07:15+02:00

No, the Coolhands bamboo wipes are allergen free. We do not use any harmful additives.

Will the Coolhands wipes harm my skin?2016-10-28T12:07:21+02:00

No, the Coolhands bamboo wipes are very soft and skin-friendly.

Is the Coolhands packaging biodegradable and/or recyclable?2016-10-28T12:07:27+02:00

Coolhands believes in the potential of biodegradable packaging materials, and our Research and Development team is always looking for the most eco-friendly materials. So far, our tests have concluded that biodegradable plastic breaks down by the bamboo wipe prematurely. The plastic “recognizes” the eco-based bamboo and ingredients as a signal to begin its decomposition.

Why does Coolhands contain bamboo non-woven instead of cotton?2016-10-28T12:07:34+02:00

Bamboo is a plant belonging to the grasses. It grows very fast and requires little or no pesticides against insects, viruses, fungi and weeds. That’s a big difference from cotton, which just needs a lot of pesticides and intensive irrigation.

The current way of growing cotton requires more resources. For example, in the production process a lot of water, fertilizer, and various alleviation agents are added. Bamboo is a lot softer than cotton and absorbs more liquid, which makes it easier to clean surfaces and hands.

What are the main benefits of the Coolhands bamboo wipes?2016-10-28T12:07:41+02:00

The main benefits of the Coolhands bamboo wipes are:

  1. 100% bamboo
  2. Biodegradable
  3. Bacteriostatic
  4. Allergen and alcohol free
  5. Contains natural ingredients and a delicious natural fragrance
  6. Microwave heating possible (10 seconds in the package)
  7. Soft, but very strong
  8. First rolled and individually packed bamboo wipe in the world
Where are the Coolhands wipes produced?2016-10-28T12:07:48+02:00

Our bamboo production is in China. Our production and packaging locations are based in China, Italy and The Netherlands. Our main and differentiating natural ingredients are produced in Europe and the United States of America.

Are the bamboo wipes biodegradable?2017-04-04T15:32:07+02:00

Yes, the Coolhands bamboo wipes are totally biodegradable in 4 to 6 months.

How long does the effect of the antiseptic last?2016-10-28T12:08:01+02:00

The effect of the antiseptic Coolhands towel remains for 2 to 4 hours! Much longer than alcohol based disinfectants.

Is Coolhands tested on animals ?2016-10-28T12:08:07+02:00

No, the Coolhands bamboo wipes are not tested on animals.

Is the bamboo production risky for the Panda bears?2016-10-29T11:03:10+02:00

The species’ of plant used for processing fiber is a different variety than the ones Pandas consume. Besides that bamboo is abundant and grows up to 60cm per day. Deforestation, agricultural encroachment and road-building remain the biggest threats to Panda habitat.

Is the effect of Coolhands better than antibacterial soap?2016-10-28T12:08:27+02:00

Laboratory tests have shown that Coolhands is more effective against pathogens than antibacterial soap. Rinsing or drying is not needed.

Is Coolhands safe for children?2016-10-28T12:08:34+02:00

Yes, Coolhands is safe for children.

Does Coolhands stain floors, tables, carpets or other surfaces?2016-10-28T12:08:40+02:00

Coolhands leaves no stains. It is also safe on jewelry. When cleaning glass, please dry with a cloth.

Can you produce wipes with my own label and message on the packaging?2016-10-28T12:08:46+02:00

Yes, we can. There is a certain minimum quantity for Private Label orders. Please contact us at info@coolhands.com or fill in the form on our website: www.coolhands.com.

Does Coolhands contain genetically modified materials or ingredients?2016-10-28T12:08:52+02:00

No, Coolhands bamboo wipes are made from 100% bamboo and the ingredients used are all natural ingredients.

Are there any side effects on using Coolhands?2016-10-28T12:08:58+02:00

The use of Coolhands has no known side effects.

Are the Coolhands wipes flammable?2016-10-28T12:09:05+02:00

No, wet Coolhands wipes are not flammable.